Here’s what a few ‘Beast-Gentleman-Legend Coaching clients have to say about working with Mike and the program

richie“I love the community, the content and the training goals and am very keen to continue on this journey. I came into the course from a pure training point of view, but have found it to be completely different to that (hugely more).

It had made me more accountable and knowledgeable about my training.
It had been an amazing mental journey and changes
Goal setting, action planning , hustling.
It’s a huge huge chuck of awesomeness of a program.
Keep up the good work!” – Richie M, 31


adam before after“This program has been nothing short of life changing.  I feel like for the money I’ve paid, Mike has really over delivered. The coaching to improve the rest of my life as a man (beyond the physical) is above an beyond anything I expected to find in a coaching program. I am stronger, I move better, I’m more confident in (and out) of my clothes, and I have a generally more positive mindset. I feel like version 2.0 of myself.

I love the accountability of the group, and the structure of having weekly assignments and tasks.  I’m blown away with the content of the program. I loved the book, but didn’t do a very good job of implementing the things I wanted to on my own, so this was EXACTLY what I wanted.” – Adam S, 30



robbie“Prior to joining Mike’s coaching I was dissatisfied; overweight and sluggish, overwhelmed and under-motivated, lacking in clear direction. I wanted to get out of the humdrum of everyday life.

Work commitments have been a major impediment previously, and my motivation levels were also quite low, however, since completing the program I appreciate the need to invest in myself and prioritising “me”. I have also dropped 7kgs and I now value the need to live life deliberately; not just going along and seeing what happens.

I would recommend the program, particularly to someone feeling rudderless/unmotivated or looking to learn more about themselves, and are thinking about where they are at and where they want to be.” – Robbie M, 28



“Prior to starting the Beast-Gentleman-Legend program I had a lot going in my head and a lot of stress in my life. My job doesn’t end when I leave the office and the culture of my work place leaves much to be desired, so mindset was my biggest challenge. I decided to go ahead because I enjoyed reading and related to a lot of Mike’s content.

As a result of completing the program my head is definitely in a better place and the challenges in this area got me thinking beyond my usual day to day routine.

I’m the strongest physically I have ever been. My flexibility/mobility is much improved and has improved my overall athleticism. How I think about food and sleep have changed also. I realise how it affects me and motivates me to stay the course. I would recommend the program, in fact I have mentioned and directed people to it already – It was great to work with Mike.” – Petar B, 33


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Testimonials for ‘The Chemistry of Masculine Attraction workshop:

richard w“Prior to the workshop I was drifting through life really.  It wasn’t a bad life to be honest but I wasn’t achieving the things I wanted and couldn’t figure out why.

Mikes course highlighted areas that were holding me back.  This in turn led to the tools that I can use to remove these sticking points in my life and start focusing on my values and achieving in areas that are important to me.

The thought of sharing some pretty personal details, fears and ideas with complete strangers can be daunting, however, Mike puts his attendees at ease by teaching in a safe and nurturing environment so it was pretty liberating talking through issues that I was feeling, but hadn’t openly spoken about before.

The biggest realisation I had is about understanding myself better; that I use work and in particular working long hours to validate myself in other people’s eyes.  I’ve taken ownership of that since, it feels great!

I would definitely recommend it.  I think most blokes would benefit from Mikes insights.  We can all achieve more if we know how and have the self belief to go for it.” – Richard W

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