Attention men: Have you dreamed of seeing your abs, yet been put off by some of the extreme tactics such as CRASH-dieting? What about the sheer amount of cardio and sit-ups required?  The good news is, you can dramatically reduce your belly fat, without wanting to kill yourself!

That old approach is still out there; that in order to make your abs appear you must do thousands of crunches, while removing all carbs, fat and favour from your food. There is a better way, and I'm going to help you with this...

You can save yourself from hours and hours of cardio, obsessively doing sit-ups and reducing your diet down to cardboard!

  • Stay away from hours of cardio and thousands of sit-ups!
  • Eat tasty food that doesn't see you hide your lunch in shame and end up binging to replace the 'cardboard'!
  • Train like a beast, drop body fat and KEEP YOUR SANITY

Drop belly fat, help your abs pop & keep your sanity!

You know what I'm talking about, right?! The OUTDATED thinking that in order to drop body fat around the belly and actually see your abs you have to do EXTREME things;

  • Doing sit-ups like it's an Olympic sport
  • Endless hours of cardio as if you're willing the fat to leave through sheer boredom
  • Reducing your diet down to something so dull that it resembles cardboard, and it's actually detrimental

Let me say this - that might work - BUT is no way to have a life! Do you want to be ridiculed for your restrictive eating?

Do you want to spend hours doing exercise that is largely ineffective? You can obtain a flat stomach, even see your abs and not destroy your soul if you do it right.

BUT you have to first know the difference between 'training your core' and exposing your abs.

You see, this is the key. Doing endless 'core exercises' in order to get a rippling 6-pack will just strengthen the muscles - NOT dropping the fat that covers them.


And therein lies the key - the process to seeing your abs is not about doing endless crunches and training for hours on end until your head wants to explode with boredom, it's about training in a manner that promotes dropping the fat around your stomach.

Obviously this is where nutrition comes in as well. You needn't drop all fat and carbs and essentially have the bodybuilder regular of chicken and broccoli. I mean at least use some spices guys, come on!

What we want to do is TRAIN SMART & EAT SMART so that you don't just get stronger abs, but you see them!

With this program you'll be training like a weapon, you'll be efficient and effective in your workouts and you'll be eating food that not only tastes GREAT, but you'll actually be able to maintain it.

Gone are the days of looking at losing body fat through such restrictive means. Let's think about it - what do we want?

  • We want to do training that's challenging and fulfilling
  • We want to enjoy food
  • We want to keep our sanity
  • We want to drop excess body fat
  • We want to see our abs
  • And we want to maintain it!

Using the techniques and approach in THE NO CRUNCH AB ANSWER you'll be able to have all of these things. Let me show you how...


Who the hell am I to tell you this?!

Hi, I’m Mike, and I have abs.

Not only do I have abs myself, but I've hardly done a sit-up in my life.

I’ve written a bestselling book on how to get in your best shape, not just physically, but in all areas of life.

I’ve been immersed in the fitness industry for over a decade and I’ve seen many fads and gimmicks come and go, and slowly worked out a smart and healthy approach to dropping body fat and seeing you abs - that's not extreme.

Not thousands of crunches, or eating 'cardboard. I mean, who in their sane mind wants to do something like that?!

AND, I might add - it’s not only boring and ineffective, but quite possibly detrimental.

I'm here to provide you with an answer that works, and allows you to keep your sanity.

I'm here to prove you with the answer - the no crunch ab answer!

This program will seriously help you drop the unwanted body fat you have around your mid section.

“The changes to my body shape were much greater than I anticipated and have set a bench mark for me to maintain in the future. Mike’s training methodologies and techniques allowed me to exercise effectively to achieve results (both mentally and physically). The tools Mike provided were extremely useful.” - Drew M

What's this AWESOME approach to getting shredded then?

First off we're going to be working heavily on your training, so you'll need to bring your A-Game when it comes to working out.

We've already covered the concept of building a strong 'core' versus getting shredded, well, this is where we're going to focus our energy.

I should point out too that I use the word 'core' in inverted commas like that because it is essentially too basic a term. People often say core, but they mostly mean 'abs'.

In reality your core is more like every muscle from your shoulders to your knees - everything that acts on your torso and pelvis. The good news is we'll both be working this core to get stronger and leaner.

So yeah, we're going to utilise training techniques that help shed body fat and at the same time increase the strength of the muscles in your entire midsection - your core.

Because training to drop excess body fat is more than just how many calories you burn. Sure, that plays a big part, and we'll ensure that you do burn a BUNCH! But we're also going to train in a way that improves your strength and conditioning.

Yes - you're going to get stronger and fitter while dropping the excess fat!

What we want to do is optimise testosterone and growth hormone, which will both help you to build and maintain muscle AND drop fat!

This is also going to utilise the positive effects of cortisol in order to get the most out of your training to begin with - natures best 'pre-workout'.

This will also work on better managing your insulin levels so that you can again benefit in your body composition.

That's a little of the science put very simply. You needn't know much more, because what's important now is that you grab this chance to invest in your health and body composition.


What and how?

This program is split into two 4 week phases. You'll be using a combination of hard high intensity weights sessions and some dynamic and mixed cardio sessions - however, if you have no desire to do steady cardio, then guess what - you don't need to!

This work is going to utilise exercise that turns you into a weapon. Plus you'll have some fun!

Of course we must address the 'chicken & broccoli' aspect of dropping fat...

Put simply - you need to be be as prepared as you can with your nutrition - THIS IS THE KEY!

But you'll also be cooking and eating meals that seem gourmet, but really are simple and easy.

The main aspect of your nutrition is making sure you adopt the principles of the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right times in the right way.

We're going to look at how you eat, and make sure that you learn some tools that stick with you long after this program has finished so you keep progressing and remain lean.

I use these protocols myself!

Using the principles of this program allowed me to:

Get on the cover of Australia's largest gay magazine - DNA - confident and shredded

That might sound weird, but I did this cover because... I COULD.
Gracing the cover of a very global gay magazine was never a goal of mine, but being asked to do it was an absolute privilege - I had to say yes!
Not only that, but I'd been on holiday - 'relaxing' somewhat - prior to the shoot, so the principles in this program helped me to drop any excess belly fat FAST and step into that shoot CONFIDENT and shredded.

Here's what you'll get...

Of course you'll receive your main comprehensive workbook detailing the full method, the what's, where's, when's, how's and why's of the program. However, there's also a bunch of other things you'll get as well in order to help you shed belly fat!

All content is in the form of downloadable PDF ebooks that you'll receive after you've purchased via email download.

No Crunch Ab Answer Training Manual

($197 VALUE)

This details all the information you need to get started and work through the training programs. The approach; the what, how, when and why.

You'll know the reasons behind the training and have it all laid out.

You get 8 weeks of programming from me, which costs my coaching clients over $350, but you're going to get it for next to nothing compared to that! A great deal in itself, but there's still heaps more...

No Crunch Ab Answer Nutrition & Supplement Guide

($79 VALUE)

Anyone worth listening to the the fitness and fat loss industry will tell you the importance of nutrition in dropping the excess and seeing your abs.

I've put my best information in here to help you drop fat and keep it off!

All the information you need to make this a nutritional success too, including 3 weeks of sample meal plans.

You'll also receive my guide for the best use of your supplement dollars.

No Crunch Ab Answer Lifestyle Guide

($49 VALUE)

Sleep & stress are such a crucial aspect of body composition - yet often so neglected. For real success with dropping body fat, you'll have to address and work on improving them both.

It sounds easy - sleep more and de-stress, but actually making it happen is hard than that, but easier when you know how.

You'll have some of my best information to help guide you here too.

No Crunch Ab Answer

Training Start Up Guide

($67 VALUE)

Having the programs and exercises is great, but there are some important nuances to training. These are the details that you need to know in order to get the most out of the programs and your workouts.

This document will give you everything you need to know about following the training program; the ins and outs, all the terms and specifics.

Need to work something about about your training? This is your document.

No Crunch Ab Answer Training Logs

($27 VALUE)

We don't all have the memory of an elephant right? So having training logs to keep all of your workout stats is crucial for progress.

An easy print off log book so you can track your progress throughout the 2 phases. Or keep them saved on your phone for ease of use.

Either way, this is where you'll track how you're going with your training.


The Alpha Cookbook 2.0

($49 VALUE)

Knowing what, when and how to attack your nutrition is one thing (see the above guide), but getting that information into the form of edible recipes is another thing entirely!

I've included a copy of my premium ebook - The Alpha Cookbook to help you ensure your eating is full of tasty & nutritious recipes to help you unleash your 6-pack. This recipe book will make it easy!

"I can't speak highly enough of the program. All I had to do was trust the process and follow instructions. I was really impressed by the simplicity: There was no 'you must eat this, at this time in this quantity' it was basically sensible, simple eating which made it sustainable in the long term. The results were fantastic." - Matt S

I'm so pumped about bringing this AWESOME product to the world, that I've decided to add an ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT...

A little letter from me to you...

You will have been able to figure out that the total value of this product with all of it's elements is over $450 - four hundred fifty bucks - yet I'm offering it to you for a measly $14.99!

==> over an 8 week program, that's less than $2 a week!

I point this out because I have private clients that happily pay this amount to work one on one with me every week. So when I offer you this information for $14.99 you know how much value you are getting.

Now, I want to point out that pricing products like this is very important to me. There's a few reasons for this as it involves more just just a financial investment interaction between you and me. I take into account three factors:

  1. Do you feel like you're getting a good deal?
  2. At the same time, do you feel like you have enough 'skin in the game', so that you'll follow through with what the program entails?
  3. Am I being appropriately compensated for my time and energy investment?

These points are all very important to me. Obviously I want you to feel like you're getting loads of value, however, what is of more importance to me is that you ACT on the program, and actually do it!

Of course I too have to reap some compensation for the amount of time and energy I put into creating it. Plus it very much goes beyond that, this involves a lot of my financial investment to bring something like this to you. It's taken me over 10 years of up-skilling and education to be able to bring you products like this, that are simple and effective, with no fluff.

With that said, I'll come back to the second point - Once you purchase this program you must use it and commit to completing it with all of your focus and determination.

Otherwise it's all pointless, for you and me.

So I want to offer you my personal guarantee. If you've come across me before then you'll know - I'm a man of my word and 100% stand by what I say, sell and offer. That includes this program.

So if you purchase the No-Crunch Ab Answer and for some reason feel like it hasn't worked for you even though you've followed the steps and advice outlined inside, then feel free to ask for your money back.


This isn't for everyone

Please note that I do not, nor will I ever, expect just anyone to grab this or any of my programs and in 8 weeks of hard work simply have their abs appear.

Not only do you have to be committed and work your butt off on all things training, nutrition, recovery and sleep, but you have to be in a place physically where seeing what's below your belly fat is a close possibility.

As mentioned earlier, ideally you're already under 20% body fat as a guy, however, if you aren't, then you can still apply this program to yourself, you might just have to repeat it a few times. If this is the case, make sure you have a deload/easy week in between cycles.

If it wasn't obvious above, this is for people who are willing to work hard. If you want a quick fix, someone or something to do the work for you, maybe a magic pill to up and instantly scare your unwanted fat away - this isn't for you - so don't buy it.

Like I said, I want happy, satisfied customers who see GREAT SUCCESS and see their abs! As an entrepreneur, this is how I help people and help myself.

I will always strive to be known for the success of my clients and the content I produce. Again, you have my word. So successful customers means recommendations to more people, it's a win-win-win!

Go forth and unleash your abs (without destroying your soul and losing your sanity)!


Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell,

Man Coach, Amazon Bestselling Author & professional Geek-Meathead Hybrid

Self proclaimed Low Level Batman

"Mike's programme was an extremely efficient way to lower body fat percentage and build lean mass. I went from 15% to 10% body fat

 With the results that I achieved with Mike's programme, there is no way that I couldn’t recommend it to anyone! I’d go again in an instant!"

- Will H

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