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I love you! And I mean that in a purely platonic way, you know, like the love a man has for a nice cold beer on a hot summer afternoon. And a steak…

You see I want to help you, and it can only start by you buying my book and us beginning a journey together. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 3 WEEKS FOR POSTAGE- My postie is a little lazy… 😉 (However, that said, I’ll make sure it gets to you as soon a possible!) So, if you haven’t got the book yet you might want to BOOKMARK THIS PAGE so you can come back and sign up once you have started reading the book.

To get your free extras all you need to do is pop your best email in the box below and follow the prompts.

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Quick and easy, and it means you’ll soon have over $150 worth of extra FREE STUFF, as well as a few added emails from me helping you start your Alpha journey.

Remember, if you ever have any questions, put them in an email in easy to read bullet points and I’ll get to them when I can, or I’ll create a video if they are common questions.

fbAlternatively you can pop over to my facebook page and ask the question there. That way everyone in the community gets to benefit from the answer (you know, if it’s any good…).



Would you be willing to leave a review? It’d really help a ton. The most popular review of this book is probably going to be THE review that people will see for years to come- that could be you. If you have time to write one today, that’d be great. If not, no worries — I really appreciate your purchasing the book 🙂 !


P.S. Great reviews usually consist of: what the reader learned, how it affected their life (short and long term), and what they’d say to someone who was thinking about reading it.- Thanks again legend, chat soon!

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